The Struggle With Motivation

Motivation: Motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains behaviours. It is what causes you to act. Motivation is the reason why you do something and the level of desire you have to do it.

I recently launched some products, and they haven’t sold how I’d hoped. I’ve been putting in so much time and effort and I don’t have much to show for it so far.

I think the message that this is normal is such a crucial one. Things take time, obviously, but I often feel like I’m going to scream when I’m reminded of this fact yet again. I know it’s said with the best intentions, but it doesn’t do anything to ease the disappointment.

Yet it’s true, it does take time. We live in a world full of instant gratification and we have become impatient. When something takes longer than we hope, our motivation slowly fades. I often have days where I think about giving up. It’s a constant cycle of intrusive thoughts: my business will never take off; I’ve wasted so much money and time; it isn’t just my time wasted, but other people’s too.

The fear of being a failure is real and terrifying.

But then I look back over the last three years and I’m reminded of how far I’ve come. Three years ago, I had nothing but an idea which I have developed into a business. Yes, it’s been slow going but when I think about what I’ve achieved, I’m proud of myself. Not only have I actually got a business (admittedly I’m losing money currently) but I’ve also grown as a person and overcome obstacles I never thought I’d be able to. I’ve actually helped people. Every now and again I get a message, or somebody approaches my stall just to tell me that they’ve been struggling. Even if they don’t buy anything they read the messages on my clothing and smile. And this means more to me than I can say.

So yes, some days motivation is hard, especially when you don’t get what you want at the speed you want it. But don’t give up hope because you never know. Maybe you’ll help someone or make someone’s day. Keep going.


"Progress, not perfection."


Author: Grace Ridge

Editor: Rebecca Petch 


  • Nikki

    I love your message and it was a privilege to meet you in person and share some time with you. I love the quality of your tees and your message and imagery is on point. Keep doing it Grace -everything is a stepping stone to where you ultimately want to be and yes you’re right patience is a virtue in this day and age!

  • Lesley

    Love this blog, so honest yet positive and shows what determination can bring. I know that if the business can start to turn a profit in the next year or 2 and continues to support all sorts of people, it will have been worth the hard work and struggles. Plus the huge amount of personal growth and learning that have been gained will always be a positive result. Very proud of you Grace xx

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