The Supernova Tee
The Supernova Tee
The Supernova Tee

The Supernova Tee

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A celestial-inspired masterpiece that combines the magic of the cosmos with the artistry of tie-dye. Prepare to be captivated by the swirling colours and mesmerising patterns that echo the brilliance of a supernova explosion. 

Embark on a cosmic journey and celebrate the beauty of the universe with our Supernova Tie Dye Tee!

Please note: due to the nature of tie-dyeing, each shirt's pattern may vary.  The pictures are examples. The Tee you will receive uses the same pattern and colours, however the outcome will not be exact. Each item is hand dyed to order meaning each piece is uniquely yours!

- combed ringspun cotton

- 144gsm

- Fair Labour Certified

- Vegan

Chest Sizes (inches)

S 34/36"

M 38/40"

L 42/44"

XL 46/48"

2XL 50/52"

3XL 54/56"

4XL 58/60"